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Why and How to Launch a Voting Bloc for Animals
in Your Town, City, County or State
—and the simple steps it takes to do it”

Lewin’s book has rightly been called ‘important,’ ‘groundbreaking,’ ‘superb,’ ‘wonderful,’
a ‘masterpiece,’ and ‘a great resource.’ It is all those things, and more. In the history
of social-cultural-political movements there have been defining moments —a speech
(‘Tear Down That Wall’), a book (Uncle Tom's Cabin), a judicial decision
(Brown v. Board of Education)—that sent our nation down a new road. That is what
Lewin’s book does for the protection of animals…”   
Professor Mark Henry Holzer, Chairman, ISAR—International Society for Animal Rights

“…Pick up this book…We’d be a much stronger movement if every advocate
studied this important text."
Wayne Pacelle, CEO, Humane Society of the United States

“A complete activist’s primer. This superb book should be studied by every advocate
and organization that wants to impact laws and public policies to help animals,
and to understand the political context in which they are made. No one better understands the dynamics and interplay of lawmaking and elections, or explains them more clearly, than Julie Lewin.”
Connecticut State Representative Diana Urban, humane award recipien

“Groundbreaking new book…thorough, focused and engaging.”

“Essential reading, engrossing, practical, should be part of every activist's toolbox.”
In Defense of Animals

“A masterpiece…must-read…should become the bible of animal rights and rescue.” 
John Phillips, Executive Director, League of Humane Voters of New York City

“’Get Political for Animals’…will go down in history. Asked the most effective way one can help the animals, I tell people:  ‘Buy this book! Follow the instructions!’"
Rich McLellan, President, League of Humane Voters USA, California Chapter

“In this important book, Lewin offers a straightforward blueprint for anyone who wants
to improve laws that protect animals…truly an antidote to despair for anyone who wants to help animals.“
Stephen Wells, Executive Director, Animal Legal Defense Fund
“A wonderful effort that will be very helpful in furthering the animal rights movement.”
The Hon. Christopher Shays, Chariman, Congressional Animal Welfare Caucus

“...the key to understanding why animal advocates have to be politically savvy...
a very important resource for people and groups.”
Encyclopedia Britannica Online

“If you’re not familiar with NIFAA, you should be. This training institute for animal rights advocates has been inspiring and improving activism nationally…. Founder
Julie E. Lewin gives essential advice for mobilizing voters, navigating the legal system, and affecting change in this groundbreaking how-to manual.”
VegNews Magazine

“An extraordinary feat and a great resource. You must be very proud…it will be an important book.”
G. Kenneth Bernhard, Esq, former state lawmaker, Westport, CT
“A great resource…”
Farm USA

“…I strongly recommend…”  
Merritt Clifton, Editor, Animal People

“Remarkably engrossing.  I am apolitical, but reading it I find myself getting excited
and intellectually stimulated.  I have sent out an email to one of our anti-puppy mill groups in which I quoted you chapter and verse.”
Diane Davison, Bethlehem, PA 

“I have never seen such a fabulous book that helps animal advocates learn how
to work through the politics. I wish it had been around years ago. I urge all of you
to order it ASAP. I haven't been able to put it down!”
Patricia Aldering, Dogs Deserve Better rep, Kalamazoo, MI

“Dear Julie, Your book is absolutely fantastic.  We’re working very hard to develop Annapolis for Animals. I cannot tell you how grateful we are for your "take no prisoners" approach. What you write down, I had in "my stomach," experienced, wrote about, 
but not like you have done!  You are the best!! (And I've done both rescue/SPCA
and advocacy for decades.) Thank you Julie!”
Joe Lamp, Annapolis for Animals, MD

“Dear Julie, I received your book today.  I had no idea you are so brilliant. 
Thank you and kind regards always.”
Kerri Hanson, Bakersfield, CA

“I adore your book. It’s so clear and easy to read. I like the way it’s laid out
and your points escalate to crescendos. Your dry sense of humor seeps in
and makes it enjoyable.”
Karen Laski, Compassion in Entertainment, Manchester, CT

“I loved your book…am so impressed.  You are so very talented, intelligent…
without this book, we can't do what we need to do. I am so grateful to you.”
Barbara Keith, Harrisburg, PA

“I can not tell you how impressed my colleague and I were with your book.
It will be invaluable to us in our fight for the animals in our city, county and state.”
Marilyn Zahler, NM




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